Top Facebook Games

Top Facebook Games

In addition to social networking, Facebook provides users with a number of methods to entertain themselves while connecting with friends. One of these methods is Facebook Games, a collection of applications provided by third-party companies who make money from in-game money, advertising, and publicity. Several of Facebook Game’s most popular applications are outlined below.

Mafia Wars

One of Facebook Game’s oldest and most popular applications, Mafia Wars, allows users to create their own mafia and compete against other players to become the strongest mafia on Facebook. Mafia Wars allows users to battle other players, accept Godfather missions, and collect possessions, such as weapons, vehicles, and properties. Mafia Wars also includes a Marketplace where users can purchase rewards and upgrades and a Jobs section where users can earn game money and experience towards the next level.


Another popular Facebook game, Farmville, allows users to create and manage their own farm. Farmville is similar to Mafia Wars, but instead of weapons and vehicles, users can purchase seeds and farm equipment. Although Farmville is not as old as Mafia Wars, it has surprisingly surpassed it in popularity with over 34 million monthly users, compared to Mafia Wars’ 6 million. However, Farmville is currently losing members due to their latest update that requires users to spend Farmville money on expanding their farm in order to purchase new upgrades.

Empires & Allies

Empires & Allies is a cartoon-style game that allows users to build an army, follow a story, and defeat the “Dark Alliance”, an evil empire set on galactic domination. In Empires & Allies, users start off with a small island full of resources and quests and then expand their own empire by battling other users and purchasing upgrades. Empires & Allies currently has over 4 million monthly users.

Family Feud

Family Feud, a Facebook game, is designed to mimic the television show of the same name that involves two teams of family members competing against each other by answering survey questions. In the Facebook remake of the show, users answer questions that have been given to 100 people and gain points based on how close their answers are to those given by the 100 participants. Family Feud is currently played by 91 thousand monthly users.