Three Player Chess Game - Detail Images & Tips

Three Player Chess Game - Detail Images & Tips

 Three Player Chess Game Review

Three player chess is a family of chess variants specially designed to be played by three people. There are many variations of three-handed chess. They usually use some non-standard board, for example, hexagonal or three-sided board connected in the middle in a special way.

Three player chess Board Images

Three player chess Board Tips

If you want a board in a different size, just remember that the diamond shapes are made of 2
equilateral triangles joined side to side. The distance across the board from arm to arm will be
12 times the side measurement of the single diamond space. The distance from point to point
will be 13.875 times the side measurement. Have fun with your family and friends! Teach them
a new way to play chess.

Directions for playing Mercenary Chess are in another article called, How to Play Mercenary
Chess for 3 Players.